Our Mission

To put an end to swage rods, simplify the processing operation and make the best possible brass.

Our Story

This product have been derived from frustration of the current swaging and primer crimp removal process associated with bulk brass processing.  Anyone who is running any type of reloading press with a swage mounted crimp remover knows the frustration.  Wither it be under swaging, over swaging, poor primer insertion during loading or adding so much tool head flex that you OAL measurements is inconsistent.  This lead me to the development of the on-board reaming on Dillon style press’s.  This started out with myself and a lathe just trying to make it work and see if it was possible.  I never intended to sell this product but to use it for my personal use.  After researching it and talking to different people I realized that most people shared the same frustration as myself with the swage process.   After many years of R&D and countless hours, multiple changes to fine tune the Primer Pocket Pro, it has all come to this.  The first on-board reaming device for Dillon style press’s that will make you throw away your swage rods.

Vincent Petrangelo – Owner/opperator